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Three painful shots, two fillings and a root canal later … I have a new found appreciation for vitamins and supplements that promote good oral health.

I have a great dentist, but despite her skill in making it as painless and possible, the dental experience for me is something I dread. So, to prolong the times between major interactions with the dentist and the HUGE needle that comes with it – here are some do’s and don’ts that can make a difference in our dental health.

We all know that vitamins can be helpful to keeping your body healthy; to help you sleep better, have strong bones, etc. Well, they can also help your oral health as well.

The advantages of vitamins:

Vitamin A: May prevent dry mouth and promote wound healing in the mouth.

Vitamin B: Deficiencies in vitamin B can cause swallowing difficulties, tongue swelling, burning sensations in the tongue and mouth, and oral inflammation.

Vitamin C: Can prevent soft, bleeding gums and loose teeth

Vitamin D: Can promote strong teeth and jaw bones

Vitamin E: Can prevent growth of thick white patches in the mouth.

Iron: Deficiencies in iron may cause burning sensations in the tongue and mouth, oral sores, and redness and swelling of the tongue.

The disadvantages to some food types:

Carbs: Bacteria leftover from food in the mouth can produce acid, which causes decay. Carbohydrate-rich foods can be very detrimental to your teeth.

Things that are chewy: Sticky foods like jelly beans and caramel make it difficult for your saliva to wash away the sugar from inside of your mouth, accelerating tooth decay.

Speaking of sugar … : Snacks like cookies, cakes, or other desserts contain a high amount of sugar, which can cause tooth decay.

Pop a top: Soda contains an extremely high amount of sugar. Both regular and diet sodas also contain phosphorous and carbonation, which wears away the enamel on your teeth (causing them to become stained and brown).

Ask your dentist what may be the best approach to your oral health … besides brushing and flossing of course. And if you are still not sure, come into Partell Pharmacy and speak with one of our friendly pharmacists. They can steer you in a direction of quality medical-grade vitamin supplements to fit your needs.

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