Course Instructors:

Dr. Jabal Uffelman, MD, FACOG

Jabal Uffelman

Dr. Jabal Uffelman is a board certified ob/gyn with 10 years of private practice experience in south Florida, after having completed his residency training at the University of Miami. He has specialized training in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, as well as cosmetic gynecology. He has been managing a large testosterone pellet practice, with the assistance of Robert Seik for the past three years and has made this a successful part of his practice.

Robert Seik, PharmD, FAARFM

Robert Seik
Robert Seik received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a compounding pharmacist and principal owner of a Las Vegas based compounding pharmacy, Partell Pharmacy. Robert is a fellowship-trained member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and has a successful consultative practice in hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, and metabolic optimization. His primary role is to offer treatment guidance and case consultations to medical practitioners in these fields.

Dr. Cesar Maurtua

Bio to follow.

Becoming a Pellet Therapy Practitioner:

Pellet Therapy gives your patients the consistent and reliable results they deserve. As a Pellet Therapy practitioner, you are provided with the tools and clinical support you need for positive patient outcomes and a successful practice in this highly profitable subspecialty.

Pellet Therapy Certification

Upon successful completion of this 1-day course, you will gain full understanding of what pellets are, how to screen appropriate candidates using symptoms assessment tools and lab reports, dose, purchase, and administer the pellets safely with an in-office procedure using a disposable insertion kit and local anesthesia.

Pellet Course Objectives

  1. Receive Training in the safe administration of pellets for men and women.
  2. Gain a full understanding of what pellets are, the insertion procedure, risks and complications.
  3. Receive reviews, clinical studies related to myths and misconceptions of hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants.
  4. Gain an in-depth understanding of the need for Testosterone and/or Estradiol for the treatment of a variety of chronic cymptoms associated with aging.
  5. Learn the various protocols relating to testosterone deficiency for men and women, testing lab options, pellet options, and supplements that can be used to enhance these procedures.
  6. Gain understanding as to who is the proper candidate, how to integrate this new procedure as well as pricing and packaging options related to your practice.
  7. Learn to market this new procedure as well as your Anti-Aging or Wellness practice including specific strategies relating to retail, packaging, and promotion of your practice.

Hormone Replament Pellets

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