Robert Seik, PharmD

Robert is a fitness enthusiast and health advocate with special interests and training. He holds a degree in pharmacy from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Robert is a principal owner and CEO Partell Pharmacy, and specializes in hormone replacement therapy and functional medicine with pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.

He is a fellowship-trained member of The American Academy of Anti-Aging, Functional, and Rejuvenative Medicine (A4M) and is currently pursuing his master’s degree.

Robert frequently lectures to medical practitioners on evidence-based approaches to natural hormone replacement in age management medicine as well as nutritional intervention for the treatment of chronic disease.

Robert Sigler

Robert has over 20 years of experience in accounting, finance, investment banking, mergers, acquisitions, capital markets, private equity, and venture strategy and management.

Robert is a co-founder and Chairman of Partell Specialty Pharmacy.He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a B.S. from the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Accountancy, graduating with top honors in both business and arts & sciences with a combined 4.0 overall GPA.

Personal areas of Robert interests include travel, various sports and arts, photography, and he has received several awards for his commitment and service to community and economic development.

Mr. Sigler has been a guest speaker and advisor to local, state, national and international organizations and governments.

Kimberly Toy
Chief Operating Officer

Kimberly joined the Partell team in 2008 in an entry-level position and then was quickly assigned to management and executive tasks.  Within a short period of time, she was promoted to the Director of Human Resources. Kimberly played an integral part as Partell Pharmacy grew from 10 employees to about 50 employees and expanded to two local locations and attained licenses in numerous states.  In the spring of 2013 she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. 

Kimberly attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas for both undergraduate and graduate school. Kimberly also serves on the Advisory Board for the Pima Medical Institute and has previous experience in asset management in both on and offshore.

Jeff Judd
Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Michael Nagy
Quality Assurance & Compliance Officer


Stuart Koszer, R.Ph
Pharmacy Manager - West

Stuart was invited to join the team at Partell Pharmacy in early 2012 and has 27-years experience in the Pharmacy industry. Stuart is originally from Brooklyn, New York (and has the strong New York accent to prove it). He earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Pharmacy from LIU A&M Schwartz College of Pharmacy.

Stuart is the Pharmacy Manager at the Partell Pharmacy West location. In his spare time he likes to take long walks on the beach and scuba dive (despite living in a desert). He enjoys playing softball, football and basketball.


Steve Rosato, PharmD
Pharmacy Manager - East

As the manager of Partell Pharmacy’s East location, Dr. Steven Rosato enjoys leading his team of pharmacy professionals to provide extraordinary patient care.  Dr. Rosato's professional interests include compounding, medication therapy management, and systems optimization.

He believes that poor nutrition leads to many disease states later in life and is excited that Partell offers many pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements.  As many people are deficient in vitamin D, his favorite supplement is NuMedica’s Micellized Vitamin D drops, a highly absorbable form this vitamin.

Steven is from Albany, New York. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Roseman University of Health Sciences in 2012 and has worked with Partell Specialty Pharmacy since 2012.

When he’s not in the pharmacy he can be found spending time with family and friends, playing the piano, cooking, discovering new restaurants, traveling, and computer programming. 

Steven would like to thank his family, friends, and mentors for their continued support and guidance.

JoAnn Morris
Senior Technician Manager

I'm kind of like the "mom" around here. I began working at Partell at the beginning of time (probably more like 1996) and am referred to as the Matriarch. I am always available to lend a helping hand,  a smile, a hug.

Customer service is paramount in my eyes, and so I try to never let my staff or my customers down. Currently operating at our Eastern location, I am Senior Technician Manager over all techs at both of our locations. If I don't know the answer, I will find it! If you have any questions or concerns, my office door is always open.

Heather Johnson, CPhT
Technician Manager

Heather has been with Partell Pharmacy since 1999. She started as a cashier and worked her way up through all of the departments. Heather is now a Technician Manager and is currently working from Partell Pharmacy's West location, although she can be found from time-to-time at either one.

Heather became a Pharmacy Technician in 2001 and was nationally certified in 2008. Heather has significant experience at Partell Pharmacy in the lab, making compounded prescriptions.

Heather is super friendly, loud and silly.

“I love laughing, Disneyland, eating, dancing, Michael Jackson, and singing. Often found dancing with a sandwich in my hand. I Have two sweet kids 5 and 6, and a wonderful husband of 10 years.”

Heather is tackling RN school while still working full time at Partell Pharmacy and doing a wonderful job.

“I am always available to answer questions, solve a problems, and be of any assistance!”

Mike Thomas, CPhT
Laboratory Manager

Hi everyone I’m Michael Thomas, the Lab Manager here at Partell Pharmacy East. I have been a Technician at Partell Pharmacy since 2006. Personally I have worked as a Technician for more than 15 years in the Vegas Valley.

I started in the Health Profession as a delivery driver for a Home Infusion company. It was at this Home Infusion Company that I realized that I wanted to be more involved with people’s lives and their medical solutions.

Over the years I have helped many people by producing high quality products and helping my coworkers do the same.

In my younger days I was a trumpet player and played lots of live performances.  It was a good feeling to get that positive audience response.  In my current position I get that feeling by seeing that people feel better and enjoy life just a little more because of the
products I made or help to make.

Gilbert Simon, R.Ph, ScD

Gilbert was born in New York City. He has specialized in hospital and pharmacy management for over 50 years. Gilbert earned a Pharmacy BS degree at Fordham University, his MS in Hospital Pharmacy Management from Long Island University, his MPA in Health Care Management from Pace University and a Sc.D Curriculum Development from Columbia University. Gilbert worked as an Associate Professor at the College of Pharmacy at Columbia University.

Gilbert moved to Las Vegas in January of 1993 and has managed pharmacies in Hospitals, Home Infusion and long term care.

He has authored two books: "Med File" and "Pill Book". He Loves to cook, eat & drink good wine and take motor trips.

William Nicoletti, R.Ph

Fifteen of the 35 years that I have worked as a Pharmacist were spent visiting alternative physicians’ offices, large pharmacies specializing in alternative pharmaceutical approaches, and health food stores.  I also had the opportunity to travel to Western Europe and to observe the way herbal and homeopathic medicines were presented to and used by the European public. 

Attending many medical and nutritional seminars/conferences during this period gave me a thorough education in alternative approaches and products available to patients.  I learned a great deal from the innovative and dedicated physicians that I met on these occasions.  Many of them were quite generous in sharing their practical experiences and insights concerning the field of alternative medicine.

Many of the practitioners that I met during these years had a positive and beneficial influence on my personal lifestyle choices.  They also piqued my interest in alternative medicine and I have been educating myself about this area ever since and will continue to do so.  To my mind, these physicians are true healers and an important segment of American medicine.

It is always a pleasure for me to pass on what I have learned to the patients at Partell Specialty Pharmacy, depending of course on the personality of the patient and the nature of the counseling session.  This is something that I truly enjoy.  All of us in healthcare want to see patients’ suffering alleviated and good health being the end result of all therapy.

Daniel Asarch, PharmD

Daniel joined Partell Pharmacy in June 2012 with about 10 years experience as a Pharmacist.

“I have always wanted to work in healthcare,” said Daniel. “Also it helps that it runs in the family, we all work in a different aspect of it. So I chose pharmacy. I am lucky to work for a great organization and work with a great staff.”

As a pharmacist, Daniel has helped many people throughout the Las Vegas community over the years take pride in their health.

“I recommend to our patients that want to take supplements, the Foundation Essentials Multivitamin, Methyl B-12Rx and Total Vegan Protein Powder.”

Fiona Steele, PharmD

Fiona proudly joined the Partell team of pharmacists in October 2013.  

"Everyone has different health concerns, so it's exciting and gratifying to work in the compounding field where medication can be customized to address specific needs individually," said Fiona.  

Originally from Portland, OR, Fiona is one of the few people you'll see in town who is unfazed by a rainy day.  Prior to becoming a pharmacist, Fiona graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Psychology and Elementary Education.  She then moved to Atlanta, GA to work for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for nine years, conducting epidemiological research on children with developmental disabilities.  

"I've always enjoyed science, counseling, and looking out for the well-being of others, so becoming a pharmacist felt very natural."  

 In 2005, Fiona relocated to Las Vegas with her husband and two children to earn her pharmacy doctorate from the University of Southern Nevada (now known as Roseman University of Health Sciences). 

 Fiona and her husband are avid foodies who love to cook, bake, and eat foods from many cultures.  In her spare time, this upbeat shoe aficionado enjoys buying stylish footwear, traveling with her family, making people smile, and attending various theatrical or musical events. 

Michael Hensel, CPhT
Laboratory Manager

Michael Hensel comes from Corning NY.  He started at Partell Pharmacy in 2007.  Previously he worked at Ferro Corp. in PA where he patented a new type of self cleaning glass and at Corning Inc where he worked on ceramic coatings for the petrochemical industry.  Back in the 90’s he worked on projects studying wasps, stink bugs and caterpillars on a grant for the Dept. of Agriculture.

Michael has a B.S. in Biology from Binghamton University Harpur College of Arts and Sciences and an A.S. in Math.

Michael is also the former president of the Marine Aquarium Society in Las Vegas and SCUBA Diver.  He travels to lecture on captive coral propagation.  An avid traveler, artist, photographer Michael has visited over 450 cities around the world and has many harrowing tales of volcanic eruptions and surviving attempted bomb plots.