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A 30 Day Triple Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle Through Diet, Exercise & Nutrition*

hc3™ Lifestyle Program™ Assists in:

● Achieving Healthy Body Composition Through a Triple Approach:

Diet, Exercise and Nutrition*

● Burning Stored Fat as the Primary Energy Source*

● Diminishing Hunger Levels*

● Resculpting the Body*

● Protecting Muscle from Wasting*

NuMedica's hc3™ Lifestyle Program™is a comprehensive 30 day program designed to help the body burn stored fat as its primary energy source without decreasing muscle mass.* This program is centered around a triple approach to healthy body composition which incorporates diet, exercise and nutrition. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as detoxification support and medium-chain triglycerides to support optimal metabolic management.* Included in the program is a comprehensive program guide featuring sample menus and a progress chart.

c3™ trim Active Complexprovides a synergistic proprietary blend of unique ingredients shown to dramatically support healthy body composition.* This formula features African mango extract, maca and niacin, as well as a special amino acid blend and ot