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Daily Dose Packets Designed for Women.

Foundation Essentials™ for Women is a powerful combination of four foundation nutritional formulas provided in convenient daily dose packets. This formula does not contain copper making it the perfect foundation nutrition supplement for women.*

This Formula Provides Support for:

  • Optimal Female Wellness*
  • Enhanced Bone Health With Added MCHC and Calcium*
  • Cardiovascular Health*
  • Detoxification Support*
  • Poor Dietary Intake*

Each Packet Contains:

2 MultiMedica™ for Women provides high-quality comprehensive vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbals, specifically designed to address the unique nutritional requirements of women.* MultiMedica™ for Women features patented Albion® TRAACS® amino acid chelates for optimal mineral absorption and is provided in well-tolerated vegetable capsules.*

1 OsteoMedica® provides the optimal bone health support of MCHC (Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Concentrate) from New Zealand cattle.* The MCHC in OsteoMedica® contains crystalline compounds of calcium, phosphorus, organic factors, collagen (type 1) and naturally occurring bone growth factors.* Additionally, OsteoMedica® provides added magnesium and vitamin D3. . 1 Omega 600™ provides 600 mg of ultra-pure, molecularly distilled, natural marine lipid concentrate sourced from fish caught in cold, deep sea waters.

1 CoQ–Clear® 100 is a patent pending, crystal-free CoQ10 that offers the highest absorption and bioavailability.* CoQ10 is a component of the electron transport chain, participating in aerobic cellular respiration for generating energy. Most of the human body’s energy is generated this way. Coenzyme Q10 is a vital part of a high-quality foundation nutrition regime, as an extremely powerful antioxidant.*

NuMedica Foundation Essentials™ For Women

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